Kauai Channel Race 2012

Commodore Bill DeRego with crew Vice Commodore Steve Abrams, Ling Ong, Todd Rasmussen, Bryan Jameson, and Staff Commodore Rick Denton win the Cruising Class for the Kauai Channel Race 2012.  Congratulations!

Following the awards ceremony Saturday, Bill DeRego with the remaining crew, Todd Rasmussen and Rick Denton, ventured around Kauai to the Na Pali coast before beating their way back to Oahu.

Please visit Ling Ong's Blog where she has done a wonderful job of describing the race to Kauai.  

The Kauai Channel Race 2012 was overshadowed by the tragic sinking of Cowabunga on their way back to Oahu.  All crew were rescued by the National Coast Guard.

Kauai Channel Race 2012 Race Results

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