Makani Kai Yacht Club 2016 Schedule of Events

Makani Kai Yacht Club Schedule of Events for 2016

Meeting Calendar for 2016

13-Apr Clubhouse General meeting Asian 1800-2000
11-May Clubhouse General meeting Cinco de Mayo 1800-2000
8-Jun Clubhouse Gen. meeting Hawaiian 1800-2000
4-Jul Monday events after the race  
13-Jul Clubhouse Gen. meeting BBQ 1800-2000
10-Aug Clubhouse Gen. meeting soup and salad 1800-2000
4-Sep Labor Day barbecue  
14-Sep Clubhouse Gen. meeting pasta 1800-2000
9-Oct HYSA #8 Clubhouse and on the water 1200-1800
12-Oct Clubhouse Gen. meeting Oktoberfest 1800-2000
22,23-Oct Lipton Challenge Cup  
9-Nov Clubhouse meeting (elections)  
14-Dec Clubhouse Gen. meeting Comfort food 1800-2000
17-Dec Clubhouse.2015 parade of lights 1600-2200

2016 Beer Can Races G Buoy and Club House Skippers Meeting 1230 Barbeque 1530-1800

Warm Up Race following the Opening Day Festivities
The Race Season 14 Races 4 Throw Outs 

19-Mar Race 01    
2-Apr Race 02    
16-Apr Race 03    
30-Apr Race 04    
14-May Race 05    
28-May Race 06    
13-Jun Race 07    
11-Jun Race 08    
25-Jun Race 09    
23-Jul Race 10    
6-Aug Race 11    
20-Aug Race 12    
3-Sep Race 13    
17-Sep Race 14 last race  

July 4th THE CHANNEL CHALLENGE Club house G buoy and R-2. Skippers Meeting at the club house 0830 Race 1000 Shore activities 1300-1800

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